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I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a Masters degree in Social Work. I have worked in mental health hospitals, providing care to severely mentally ill adults. My work in the field has helped me to understand the need to support women experiencing anxiety, depression, personal growth, self-esteem and relationship concerns because you deserve happiness and a new start. Reset and Grow Counseling was developed to help women rediscover their strengths and use them effectively. I believe in finding your peace and being comfortable sitting in it.  I want you to regain your confidence and know your self worth. Being an adult is hard and sometimes we just need to hit the reset button.

I focus on how your thoughts and emotions can influence your behavior. At times we will concentrate on constructing solutions rather than focusing on problems. Together we work on changing a specific behavior or finding the motivation to push through an emotional stage in your life. I also support and recommend lifestyle changes which may include incorporating exercise, healthy sleep patterns, social support, nutrition and stress reduction.

Building a therapeutic relationship is key to working together to start the healing process. Our first session will involve me learning more about you and what your needs are. It is important for me to create a safe space and a warm environment to share. Together, we will build goals and practice strategies to help you reach your desired outcomes.

Your feelings are important. Stop doing things to please others and start pleasing you! You are worth the investment, and I look forward to working with you.

Image by Maëva Vigier
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