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I offer online individual therapy services in order to fit the needs of your demanding schedule. Currently, my online therapy services are only offered in the state of Florida but since I offer online therapy, I can work with anyone living in the entire state!


My online therapy sessions take place through a secure and encrypted video chat. 


My Specialties


Worried about your future?

Stressed about money, work & your performance?

Anxious about your social life?

Take a deep breath (inhale) ~ now release (exhale). I get it! Anxiety is normal but when you start to feel like it is preventing you from moving forward in life then it’s time for us to talk. Let’s unpack those fears, understand the root cause, and learn healthier coping mechanisms.


Is your energy low? Are you in a mood about school, work, partners, friends… life. Maybe you feel stuck in a dark place and really can’t see a way out of it. Depression is severe sadness that affects your mental and physical health. The good news is that help is available in the form of psychotherapy, medication, a combination of both and/or even life changes. Don’t suffer in silence. Let’s climb through this together.

Low self-esteem

Low self-esteem may look like you are minimizing your achievements, avoidance from fear of being judged, ashamed by your appearance, being critical about yourself and much more. In most cases, low self-esteem arise from childhood experiences. Fortunately for you these are learned behaviors which means we can reset and learn how to self love.


A relationship is an established connection between two people.  There are many different factors that could threaten your connection with someone thus harming the relationship. Some examples include poor communication, unmet expectations, trauma, intimacy concerns, trust issues, friends & family among other things. Together we can implement some problem solving strategies and began fostering healthier relationships.

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