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Signs That You Should Start Therapy

You have a belief that everything must be perfect.

Its common for you to think that you are not good enough and so you need to prove that you are by trying to be the best at everything. You tend to overthink the small things and it’s difficult for you to complete tasks.


People often tell you that you seem distant and nonchalant.

You find it hard to trust people and refuse to ever need to rely on others. You fear getting hurt so you would rather avoid allowing people to get close to you. You think your feelings aren’t important.


You feel responsible for ensuring everyone is happy.

You feel afraid to speak your truth because it may lead to an argument. You try really hard not to upset them out of fear that the relationship may end.

It’s time to stop the negative self-talk and self- criticizing and began cherishing your positive qualities


Online Therapy For Women In Florida

Reset & Grow Counseling

Counseling for women with anxiety who struggle to connect emotionally in their relationships and want to find their true identity and have secure connections.

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Hey You! I’m Brittney


I specialize in working with women who suffered from childhood emotional neglect that are experiencing anxiety from problems in relationships.  If a parent or primary caregiver failed to provide emotional support, love, compassion and connection then this is likely affecting you in your adult life. This can present itself as a lack of confidence, fear of abandonment and rejection, low self-esteem, the need to control things and a sense of emptiness inside.

I Will Help You

Heal your distressed inner child.

Learn how to acknowledge uncomfortable emotions and label them.

Discover the thoughts behind those emotions. Learn how to express your emotions in a healthy way.


Let’s grow together by prioritizing self-love, finding yourself again and promoting healthy relationships.

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You Are In The Right Place If You Need To

Release the anxieties of

  • needing to be perfect,

  • caring what others think

  • having uncomfortable conversations

  • expressing how you feel


Set the boundaries

  • no longer sacrificing your needs and wants for others

  • saying “no”

  • focusing on what brings you joy

  • restoring your peace

You can finally feel comfortable receiving affection. Allowing loved ones to support and care for you.


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“Brittney is patient, a great active listener, and reflexive with interventions and thought exercises. She is able to reign me in and help me figure out how to re-approach a stressful situation.”

— A.L.

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